Why Women Get More Migraines

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Disproportionately women are affected by migraines, and it's long been thought due to hormone fluctuation during the menstrual cycle. Researchers believe the hormone oestrogen is could play a role in why more women experience migraines than men. Believing oestrogen effects the trigeminal nerve sensitising it to migraine triggers.   Hormones could be the Trigger cause of Migraines Women are disproportionately affected by migraines - and we may finally have an answer as to why that's the case. After conducting a thorough literature review, a team of researchers believes that oestrogen has a direct impact on migraine sensitivity in the brain. Around 18 percent of women are migraine sufferers, compared to around just 6 percent of men. To make matters worse, women also don't seem to respond as well to migraine drugs.…
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