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About their experience with Dr. Castillo and his pain management therapies. Patients see him for everything from injections, to pain pumps, and regenerative medicine therapies. Dr. Castillo cares deeply about his patients and does his best to give each patient individualized treatment plans to help them meet their health goals. Below are some of Dr. Castillo’s patient reviews, explaining what a difference he’s made in their lives.

Dr. Castillo, pain management doctor, Patient Reviews. Three 5 star reviews from Joel, Ronald, and Susan about Dr. Castillo as their pain management doctor.

Dr. Castillo's Patient Reviews and Video Testimonials

Recently, I was having some severe ankle pain caused by old sprains from my High School soccer days, 45 years ago. I consulted with Dr. Castillo about PRP injections. The remedy was very successful and I noticed an immediate difference in about 24 hours. I had noticeably improved ankle function, increased range of movement and the pain was significantly gone for the most part. Dr. Castillo has a great bedside manner, and genuine personal concern about his patients well being.

– Mike S

The BEST doctor you could ask for! I sincerely love Dr. Castillo… HE IS AWESOME and REALLY CARES!!!! – Sherrie T

I have been going to Dr Castillo for many years (7-8 yrs) and he and Kathy have worked closely with me to keep my pain under control without use of high doses of narcotics. Due to multiple systems involved my pain is diffuse from neck to toes. The use of the pain pumps have been an exceptional tool along with the injections he performs on me as needed. I have no doubt I would be bed bound had it not being for Dr. Castillo. He’s the best and I say that not only as a patient and but also as a nurse over 40 years. – Janette S

Michael Castillo MD is compassionate and a rare find! He has helped so many of my own patients over the past decades. He does not treat MRI results; instead he treats the patient’s clinical problem. If the MRI shows something that is just part of life and not causing a patient any symptoms, then nothing needs to be done. He focuses on what helps and does not do procedures which are not necessary. Treatment goals for Dr. Castillo focus on providing patients with optimal pain management with the least amount of medications necessary, while working to treat or fix the underlying problem if possible. His clinical skills are phenomenal! Dr. Castillo is also very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of regenerative medicine. – Dr. Metelis

Dr. Castillo is great! He listens and his answers are in normal people language. When I meet one of his staff, I ask “How long have you worked for Dr. Castillo?” Everyone answers in years, many years. Then they add that he’s a “good guy” and if he wasn’t they wouldn’t stay at the job. – Cynthia P

Dr. Castillo is very knowledgeable and friendly. He takes the time to thoroughly exam your condition and explains everything in detail using very understandable terms. The entire staff is extremely friendly and courteous. The office is clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Castillo for all pain issues.  – Mike B

I met Dr. Castillo in 2013. I had just had an extensive rebuild of m neck. My neck was functioning with limited range of motion. But the nerve damage was so severe and painful my quality of life was certainly compromised. I met with Dr. Castillo hoping he could some way help me. I had a pain pump placed a few months later. Honestly I can say, because of Dr. Castillo’s compassion and intervention I am able to enjoy my life with controlled pain and quality. If ever I have a flare up I know he is available to help in whatever way he can I am a very grateful patient. – Madonna C

Dr. Castillo and his staff treated us just like family. Not only is Dr. Castillo thorough with his diagnosis he also explains in detail the situation at hand regarding the injury(s). His staff was able to get an insurance approval for my husband’s procedure that same day! Who does that now a days??? Thanks to all of you at the office for being wonderful. – Debra

Dr. Castillo is very concerned about his patients pain. Wanting to get them off of oral pain meds. if possible. I am a new patient with a pain pump just being installed in January 2020 before moving to Peoria, Az. Dr. Castillo and I talked about the pain pump being the best treatment for me. No more oral pain meds for me and my pain levels have dropped to around a 1. I have lost weight and I am more active than I have been since 2005. Don’t get me wrong this is not a cure for my back pain but a better life than before. If you want the best pain management doctor west of the Mississippi look no further!!! – Jeffery B

Reception is courteous and prompt to get you in for an appointment. They understand that you are coming there for pain relief. Dr. Castillo is very patient in explaining in plain language what your treatment options are.After going over your options and causes the office is prompt in scheduling your treatments. I recommend Dr. Castillo highly! – Michael G

I love this doctor and all of his friendly staff! His treatment was very effective for my knee and lower back pain. Dr. Castillo is a kind and caring doctor, and he has the patience of a saint! – Elizabeth L

Dr. Castillo was very generous with his time. A good listener and good communication of what his thoughts. I drove from Tucson to Glendale for the meeting and it was well worth it. – Gary G

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