Ozone Cancer Treatment

Ozone therapy can help fight cancer more effectively. Breast cancer survivor holding up arms in triumph, image.

Ozone Cancer Treatment Program

Dr. Castillo has worked with Ozone Therapy treatments for years to help his patients control pain, heal infections, and help with cancers. He is accepting patients into a new cancer treatment program that uses Ozone and red light therapies as a complementary technique to traditional cancer treatments. This program focuses on utilizing Ozone Therapy to help improve the results of radiation and chemotherapies, as well as minimize the harsh side effects of both treatments.

Ozone For Cancer Treatment

Ozone Therapy, is a medical therapy that utilizes activated oxygen to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the body. When used in addition to traditional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, it can help increase tissue oxygenation, improve immune system response, is anti-inflammatory, and can help improve circulation. These responses from Ozone therapy can help the body better respond to radiation and chemotherapy, as well as boost the body’s natural immune defenses. Additionally this cancer treatment may also help minimize harsh side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and hair loss.

Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

The Ozone cancer treatment program is open to Breast Cancer patients, and patients with elevated PSA numbers at risk for Prostate Cancer.

Breast Cancer Patients: Women with positive mammogram or ultrasound diagnosis of breast cancer with or without metastasis. Preferably without biopsies, will treat with pending treatment.

Elevated PSA patients: Men with elevated PSA numbers with a high risk of developing Prostate Cancer.

Cancer Treatment Program

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Ozone can help you more effectively fight cancer. And better still, Ozone can help you keep your hair!

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Which Cancer

Cancer Treatment Program, What to Expect

Cancer Treatment program is 2-3 weeks in length, with 3 appointments per week (M/W/F) for an injection, infusion, and/or red light therapy. Appointments can last 30 minutes to 1 hour, and having a driver is recommended. Injection site pain may occur after treatment. For prostate injections, irritation can occur in prostate, and PSA levels may elevate initially after injection. After completing program new mammogram, ultrasound, or PSA numbers will be ordered to see results.

For any questions about Dr. Castillo’s cancer treatment program please contact our office (602) 242-9891 to learn more. As well as visit our page on Ozone Therapy.