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Caring, Quiet, and Hugs

by: Dr. Michael A. Castillo

I am in Albuquerque for the next week. I came to see my son, and my father. My Uncle Leo passed on Friday. My daughter, wife, and I were present. My daughter was holding his hand. She cared enough to sit with him the last few days of his life believing someone should be present. The same should happen during life. Please remember your family members today for they will one day not be with us on this earth but only in our hearts and memories.

For people in pain or just needing rest, the best thing sometimes is just quiet. I think people should just sit quietly and give thanks for the good in their life even if it is barely a bit. Go sit by yourself or with a friend. It can be indoors or outdoors (I like the outdoors). There is nothing that needs to be said. Thoughts can be heard.

In the world today, hugs are giving freely or thought to be malice. An older physician during my education taught touch was a key for a patient to believe you cared and could help. A hug gives hope. I run late a lot in my office because I believe listening and teaching are needed to help people have a chance at getting better. I cannot always make people better. I do care, I will be quiet and listen, and I will give hugs.

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