Pain Pump Management

Control Your Pain
And Live Your Life Again!

Why live with chronic pain when there is an alternative that could give you control over your pain. An intrathecal pain pump can help you control your pain, without the stress of running out of a prescription and possible pain flare-ups. Intrathecal pain pump therapy can give you peace of mind knowing your pain is controlled and you can enjoy the things you love.

Is your pain from a back surgery, that while it fixed the problem – surgery left you with chronic back pain? Have you had persistent back or neck pain for years that hasn’t been well controlled with oral opioids? Pain Pump Therapy can help better manage your pain – without the need for oral opioids.  Dr. Castillo is the leading expert on intrathecal pain pump therapy. He is the doctor other medical professionals call to treat their pain!

Tried everything to manage your pain…


But nothing works?


Want off oral opioids?


An intrathecal pain pump may be the right treatment for you…


Manage your pain without the stress


– and live your life again!

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Intrathecal pain pump delivery is a proven, safe, and effective therapy for managing chronic pain.

The intrathecal pain pump system consists of a small pump and a catheter surgically placed underneath the skin.

Unlike oral medications that must circulate throughout your bloodstream, an intrathecal pain pump delivery system directly releases medication into the spinal cord, where is is needed to treat pain. This delivery system may lead to fewer side effects from medication since smaller doses are needed with intrathecal delivery.

Many people experience significant improvements in their pain symptoms and an improved quality of life after receiving an intrathecal pain delivery system.

Intrathecal pain pump delivery cannot eliminate the source of your pain or cure any underlying disease, but it can help better manage your pain – getting you back to what you love!

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What Patients Are Saying!

I have been going to Dr Castillo for many years (7-8 yrs) and he and Kathy have worked closely with me to keep my pain under control without use of high doses of narcotics. Due to multiple systems involved my pain is diffuse from neck to toes. The use of the pain pumps have been an exceptional tool along with the injections he performs on me as needed. I have no doubt I would be bed bound had it not being for Dr. Castillo. He’s the best and I say that not only as a patient and but also as a nurse over 40 years. – Janette S

Dr. Castillo provides in-home intrathecal pain pump appointments for those with travel issues. A pain management doctor who does house calls. Image of woman holding neck and back in pain

Does pain make daily activities feel impossible? Does chronic pain prevent you from traveling into the doctor’s office for care? In home pump infusion visits are a solution Dr. Castillo offers to patients who qualify for home care infusions. In home visits are covered by insurance for those who qualify, at this time Medicare does not cover home infusions.

What is an in home pump infusion? Pain Pumps are filled with medication that last two to four months between infusions. Most patients come into the office for the infusions, so instead of coming into the office for Dr. Castillo to refill your pump medication, he or Kathy come to your home and fill it there. Quick and convenient, and all without the added stress of needing to travel into the office for your pump infusion.

These home pump infusions are covered by some insurances, we have this list on our accepted insurances page.

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