5 Natural Neuropathy Treatments

For those dealing with the painful effects of nerve damage, finding alternative or natural treatments can open new doors in the search for relief. While prescription medications simply mask the pain, natural neuropathy treatments often treat the underlying causes. In many cases, this can result in more lasting relief for the sufferer. Many people have experienced beneficial results by following complementary or alternative medicine. When done as a part of a multi-pronged treatment approach, natural methods have shown great promise. We’ve pulled together a list of 5 natural treatments for treating neuropathy that we’ve seen provide relief for others. Lets take a look:

5 Natural Neuropathy Treatments

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves insertion of thin needles into the various points in the body. 5 natural neuropathy treatments -accupunctureThough it can seem a bit unsettling to have someone stick needles into you, the procedure is safe and pain-free. It has proved effective with many patients suffering from nerve damage. You should expect to attend more than one sitting before experiencing any noticeable improvement.

2. Herbal Supplements

Herbs like evening oat straw, passionflower, and feverfew can be effective in reducing the pain due to neuropathy. Certain herbs may interact with drugs that you may be taking, so make sure to discuss them with your doctor prior to use.

3. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid has been in use for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy in Europe for many years. It is an antioxidant that has the special ability to regenerate itself and other antioxidants – including nerve-boosting B vitamins. Alpha-lipoic acid helps improve blood flow to the nerves and has been shown to help relieve pain, burning and numbness associated with Neuropathy. When shopping for Alpha-Lipoic Acid, be sure to look for Stabilized R-ALA as it has been shown to be up to 12 times more effective than other varieties.

4. Amino Acids

Amino acids like acetyl-L-carnitine can improve peripheral neuropathy symptoms for people with diabetes and those who have been through chemotherapy. In an article reviewing the various studies done on the effects of this amino acid on Neuropathy patients, authors from the Washington University Pain Center noted that “L-acetylcarnitine is a promising compound for the treatment of painful neuropathies for its dual mechanisms, which include a significant analgesic effect after chronic administration and the ability to promote peripheral nerve regeneration and to improve vibration perception.”

b vitamins5. Vitamin B12

B vitamins are important for maintaining healthy nerves. Vitamin B12, in particular, is important as it helps build up and maintain the myelin sheath – a layer of tissue that provides a protective coating for the nerves. In the event that the sheath is damaged, Vitamin B12 plays a key role in repairing the damage. In addition to maintaining the myelin sheath – vitamin B12 can help in the regeneration of nerve cells when taken in high doses.

These are just a few of the various natural treatments and medicines available to those suffering from nerve pain. Whether your diagnosis is recent or you’ve suffered for years, exploring these and other natural options may provide a pathway to new relief and new hope.

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